There are myriad bosses to fight in Elden Ring, but many consider Malenia one of the hardest. Finding her location can be tough enough, but then trying to beat her can only heap more misery upon you.


Fortunately, she is an optional boss, and so if you are simply looking to reach the end of the game then you can just skip her.

However, some people will not be able to sleep knowing she exists and has not been defeated.

If that is you then fear not, as we have everything you need to know about locating Malenia in Elden Ring and then defeating her.

Where is Malenia in Elden Ring? Location confirmed

In Elden Ring, Malenia is located at the bottom of Miquella's Haligtree. Getting to her can be an ordeal in itself, though.

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It is worth noting that to access Haligtree, you must first pass through the Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs, which involves solving a puzzle and dodging several powerful enemies.

Assuming you have passed that trial, you will find yourself standing at the top of a large tree that is covered in fungi and infested with monsters.

If you are simply looking to find Malenia, then we’d advise avoiding combat at all costs. There are multiple Sites of Grace along the way, plus a mandatory boss fight, so you will need to be strategic.

The journey itself is full of twists and turns, so we have included a step-by-step video from YouTuber Arekkz Gaming, who expertly guides us all the way to the bottom.

How to beat Malenia in Elden Ring - boss battle guide

OK, so you have survived that epic trek and are finally in a position to fight Malenia. She is an optional boss, so you can consider yourself courageous for even thinking about taking her on. It’s a tough battle, so we’ve included a guide below to help you emerge victorious.

There are numerous ways to defeat Malenia, but using a weapon called the Rivers of Blood is a good place to start. The epic sword can be obtained by killing Okina, who can be seen at the Church of Repose during the latter stages of the game.

Despite its power, it is still recommended that players level this weapon up as much as possible before taking her on.

Malenia is aggressive and has weapons that will heal her whenever she lands a blow on you, so some have suggested that hitting her as much as possible with your own aggression will not only reduce her health, but also decrease the amount of time and space she has to attack you - which helps to keep her life bar ticking down.

It is advised that players are at least level 120 before facing Malenia, armed with weapons (if not using the Rivers of Blood) of 20 and over.

Boss fights are also easier with multiple people, so teaming up with a friend or two is the best practice here. Using your comrades to take turns in keeping her attention is also a good strategy, as again, that will reduce the amount of time she has to build a combo of attacks.

If learning visually is more your thing, we’ve included a superb video from Jazza97 on YouTube below.


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